We are committed to developing the next generation of leaders. Our programs allow new career professionals the opportunity to grow their career while strengthening essential leadership skills.

  • TMC's Internship Program provides a great opportunity for students to enhance their skills and receive work experience at the same time. Each Intern is assigned to a specific department, or may have an opportunity to work in multiple departments, related to their area of study or interest level. A mentor will provide guidance and ensure the Intern's time is focused on substantive work and activities.
  • We offer a Registered Apprenticeship program. This program prepares employees with a combination of job-related instruction and structured “on-the-job” training while meeting the needs of TMC for a highly-skilled workforce.

Other specific benefits include:

  • Hands-on career training: Apprentices and Interns receive practical on-the-job training.
  • An education: Apprentices and Interns receive
    hands-on training resulting in improved skills and competencies.
  • A career: Once the apprenticeship is complete, workers are on their way to a successful long-term career with a competitive salary and little or no educational debt.
  • National credential: When an apprentice graduates from a career training program, he or she earns a certified certificate of completion.

We offer competitive pay to those selected to participate in our Internships and Apprenticeships.