In-house CDL Training Program

TMC offers this program to those who want to drive for TMC but who do not already have a Class –A Commercial Driver’s License. This program provides all the necessary training in order to obtain a CDL. Candidates must obtain their Class-A permit in their state of residence before coming to our training center in Des Moines, IA. This permit allows for practice driving once arriving for training.

Former TMC drivers, who have been successful out on the road, are instructors for this course. The three-week course is designed to prepare students to take the road test, to obtain their Class-A CDL, which is done at the conclusion of training. Equipment familiarization, simulator practice, backing, and driving with an instructor are all part of the course, as well.

With a CDL, the over-the-road training phase begins. During this time, the student driver becomes a trainee and joins a driver trainer out on the road for five weeks. Trainees with a CDL are paid $500 per week. Driving skills are put into practice with guidance from an expert TMC driver trainer. Students will see a variety of loads and get hands-on securement experience.

Successful completion of over-the-road training is followed with a New Release class. This is an on-boarding process and is the time that trainees receive the keys to their own assigned truck. The training phase ends and the trainee becomes a TMC driver.

Our CDL training opportunity is available to select candidates in certain states where we have a higher need for more drivers.

Current Students/Recent Graduates

Many drivers who join TMC do so directly out of a CDL Driving School. No prior experience is necessary because TMC’s quality flatbed and over-the-road training provides the information and skills needed to drive safely and with confidence. We have been preparing drivers for a successful driving career for over 20 years. Our training program is one of the best, and is one of the few programs that is approved by the Department of Labor as a certified Heavy Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program.

Once a student has graduated from a CDL school and has obtained a CDL, they are ready to become a trainee at TMC’s training center. One of our recruiters will assist in getting this set up and scheduled. For the first two weeks, trainees attend orientation and flatbed training. This includes practice driving with an instructor, as well as backing and other maneuvers, and load securement training.

At the conclusion of the two weeks at our training center, trainees head out on the road with a driver trainer. Trainees get hands-on experience in driving, load securement, and management of the truck. The pay during orientation and over-the-road training is $500 per week. Upon successful completion of training, the trainee goes through a New Release class. At this time, trainees become TMC drivers and receive the keys to their own assigned truck.

Need a Class-A CDL? Learn about TMC’s in-house CDL training program here.

Experienced Drivers

Experienced drivers are able to transition into a career at TMC with little interruption. On-the-job paid training teaches drivers to be an expert in load securement, even with no prior flatbed experience. Depending on the experience upon arrival at our training center, drivers can expect an efficient and effective onboarding process. Drivers can enjoy our performance pay system that pays a percentage of the load and rewards good driving practices. Drivers’ experience will help them to excel with our pay structure.

TMC continues to grow its dedicated operations and often has openings that require experienced OTR drivers.

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